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Let Our Pros Personalize Your Space With Interior Painting

A house feels more like a home once you’ve been able to put your personal touches in place. The finishing details are taking care of jobs like interior painting, no matter what room we’re talking about. From the kitchen to individual bedrooms, picking your colors and moving forward with professional paint application will make a world of difference.

Besides making your rooms feel more comfortable and inviting, interior painting offers benefits such as:

  • Wall Protection
  • Repair Blemished
  • Cleaner and Healthier Home
  • Update the Look and Style
  • Increase the Value

The layout and design details of any space are only part of the bigger picture. Your wall colors are what completes the aesthetic.

It’s not possible for your current house to feel like the home of your dreams until it’s been painted to your liking and specifications. The PTS Construction LLC is ready to work with you and provide you with the best interior painting.

Partner With An Expert For The Color Selection Process

When we say we’re dedicated to quality, that means every step of the process. From the materials we use to our skilled painting, everything we do should exceed your expectations. When you’re ready to talk about your upcoming painting project, it’s time to talk about color. It would be easy to let everyone in the family pick their favorite color and see how it all turns out.

Of course, it doesn’t take an expert painter to know that would be a bad idea. One of the most important parts of the process is the color consultation. That’s when we find out more about the goal you have in mind for your painting project - or if you’ve even thought about that yet.

Know Your Interior Paint Color Options

What’s your main objective for the room? Are you selecting colors that work with the atmosphere you want to create? For more open concept floor plans, will the colors in each space work cohesively together?

You have an entire rainbow of colors as well as neutrals to pick from! How can you possibly narrow it down?

  • Get inspired by nature
  • Avoid color fads
  • Keep it subtle and let the decor be vibrant
  • Keep interior rooms calmer
  • Tint, hue, shade, and tone are all color details to think about

Our job is to make the process enjoyable and easy, so you’re satisfied with the final results.

DIY Painting Isn’t For Beginners

If you want the best painting for your interior walls, you can’t expect a beginner to deliver. Trying to DIY your way through interior painting or hire an inexperienced painter won’t get you the outcome you’re hoping for.

From beginning to end, our skilled handiwork will leave you in awe. The process includes wall preparation and final cleanup, and that’s as vital as the paint application for a successful project. We guarantee that you’ll love the painting we provide, and top quality should always be the norm when it comes to improving your beloved home.

If you're looking to spruce up the look of your Lake Oswego home, we encourage you to check out PTS Construction's high-quality interior painting services.

For years, PTS Construction has been recognized as one of the top interior painting service providers in the region, and we have numerous clients who have been impressed with the way we brought out the potential of their homes.

What makes our interior painting services so different from others is the fact that we only use the highest quality equipment and products. This ensures that there is no flaking or deterioration of the paint for a very long time. You'll also have a hard time spotting signs of poor workmanship, such as bubbles or drips when you work with us. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that paint only goes where it needs to, and that there are no spills or other accidents.

We take our jobs seriously at PTS Construction LLC. When you purchase our interior painting service, you can rest assured knowing that you're working with the best. After we're done, we'll give you a chance to look all around the painted room and marvel at our results. We also clean up after ourselves and remove any evidence that we were even there so that it'll almost seem like your home magically painted itself with little inconvenience to you.

In the unlikely event that you're not happy with our results, we encourage you to notify us as soon as possible. This allows us to work toward providing a quick and effective solution. One of our goals is to ensure that our customers are satisfied, so we'll work diligently to make you happy.

Interested in finding out more about our interior painting services? Contact us today. After a brief discussion with one of our painting experts, we'll be able to formulate a plan to address your needs and deliver a quote to give you an idea of what to expect. We can't wait to hear from you.

Complement Your Home's Interior with Our Exterior Painting Services

Once you've had the interior of your home painted, why not keep going and have your exterior painted as well? Our exterior painting services can do wonders for making the outside of your home truly pop by massively increasing its curb appeal. You'll be amazed at what a new coat of paint by an expert painting contractor can do for the aesthetics of your home.

Want to learn more about our exterior or interior painting services and how they can help you transform your home? We invite you to contact PTS Construction today to get a quote. A helpful representative is waiting to take your call and to address your questions, comments, or concerns.

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